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Brittany’s Dilemma Workshop (Case Study Method)

Based on the Case Study Method, the Brittany’s Dilemma Workshop attendee will see how Brittany’s dilemma unfolds after being awarded a significant cleaning contract granting her  $600,000 to clean 43,000 square feet of office space in six commercial and industrial buildings.  After six years in business, Brittany realizes with added work she would have to hire eight additional crews, a milestone she had not planned for.  Every business needs a well thought out plan.  The principles used in our training apply to all business owners. 

Brittany’s Dilemma Workshop including Instruction Manual $369.95

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Practical Sense Business Planning
By Jaunta J. Rudison

(Workshop Instruction Manual)

Price $59.95
(Plus $10.00 Shipping & Handling)

This carefully written manual takes you on the journey of how Brittany operated her business and allows the business owner to review some of the pitfalls and obstacles that were faced prior to developing a business plan.


The plan used in this training was actually approved by a bank!


Business Plan Elements Webinars  

Rudison’s Enterprises is now presenting fundamental requirements for developing an effective business plan in a webinar format.  Sign up for one or all.  Dates to be confirmed once payment is received during registration.

We offer the following topics:

  • Why a Business Plan is Needed
  • Required Financials for a Business Plan
  • Organization and Staffing Requirements
  • Prospectus for Investors
  • Qualifying for Financing
  • Marketing Plan
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Sales and Advertising Strategies

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Business Plan Elements Webinars
Special Promotional Price $49.95


Spiritual Empowerment Workshops

Learn how to empower your business using Biblical principles through our Spiritual Empowerment Workshops.

We offer six workshops with the following topics:

  • The Power of Positive Speaking
  • The Power of Integrity and Commitment
  • How to Exercise Faith to Obtain Your Goals and Objectives
  • The Art of Exercising Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Achieve God’s Divine Purpose by Keeping His Word and Commandments
  • The Power of Prayer

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Spiritual Empowerment Workshop
Special Promotional Price $35.00