Eliminating the Possibility of Becoming a Failing Statistic

Most people who want to achieve entrepreneurship head in that direction to become self-employed. However, there is a distinction between self-employment and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs generally seek opportunities for financial growth whereas individuals who pursue self-employment will do so for a variety of reasons. Notwithstanding a strategic plan is required for success in either direction especially when a business has reached higher performance levels within the economic arena.

Adequate research from the onset prior to starting a business will provide failure rates, and in many cases the cause of the failure.  It will also allow preparation for success in reaching milestones.  Rudison’s curriculum provides information on how to properly do the research for developing a business plan thus eliminating the possibility of becoming a failing statistic. The research is comprehensive and covers market analysis, demographics, consumer pricing information, and statistics required to develop a comprehensive financial plan. Among the statistics and information provided are the following:

  • Consumer Price Indexes
  • Saving and Investment: Business
  • Sales and Inventories
  • Money and Financial Markets
  • Employment cost and compensation
  • Common sense methods for developing a business plan
  • A comprehensive instruction manual
  • A copy of an actual business plan widely accepted by banks and most funding institutions


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