Practical Sense Business Development Workshop

Purchase of our Instruction Manual entitles you to attend our next workshop at a 15% to 20% discount depending upon limited-time offers.  Offers will have an expiration date and will be available for specified periods. Check out our Facebook page and our Website for dates.  The regular price of our workshops is $419.95. The price of the workshop includes lunch and a copy of our instruction manual. Discounts, locations, and dates will be announced for each workshop. 

Discounted group sessions and private training for two to three individuals per session are available upon request.  Contact us for information on group rates and special offers.

Practical Sense Business Development Workshop

$419.95 includes a full day of training,
Instruction Manual, and Lunch


Note: There is a $35.00 nonrefundable processing fee – No refunds ten days prior to scheduled events.

Learn How to Achieve your goals using simple strategies

Practical Sense Business Planning
By Jaunta J. Rudison