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Rudison’s Enterprises has developed a strategy through consulting and seminar training for teaching business sense in laymen’s terms.

The organization has developed a unique and proven business curriculum designed to help small and medium size business owners plan to grow and succeed in their businesses. Ms. Rudison’s training program has been effective in keeping small businesses on track and has been involved in getting between two to four million dollars per month in loan applications processed.

Rudison’s Enterprises also performs as a monetary agent to watch performance and success levels of businesses patronizing the seminars. Their current success rate is contributed to availability of the consulting services, on-line assistance, and more education available for starting a business.

Jaunta J. Rudison, founder (1986) and current CEO of Rudison’s Enterprises, has over 20 years experience as a high level executive in the banking industry, a commercial loan developer and successful business consultant.

It was during her years in the Commercial Lending Division that Ms. Rudison developed her interest and expertise in business funding. She discovered that more than 98% of small business loans were denied due to poor planning.  The organization has developed seminars, workshops and boot camps to provide business owners with direction and strategies needed to prepare effective Business Plans, Grants and Proposals.

The products and curriculum developed by Rudison have been featured prominently in two well-known Chicago newspapers and most recently in the Atlanta area in the Gwinnett Business Journal.  Ms. Rudison graduated cum laude from Northeastern Illinois University, is Six Sigma trained, a Certified Life Coach, Board Member for Life Empowerment Enterprises, Board Member for Action of Faith Ministries and is very much involved in volunteer activities as an altar worker, national prayer line intercessor, has worked as a youth leader and debate team judge.  She will fire you up for the challenge to take you to the next level in your business.

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